EuroCode Tuning ÜSS Adjustable Sway Bar Set (F&R) B8 & B8.5

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Reduce body roll on your Audi with EuroCode’s ÜSS Adjustable Stabilizer Bar Set.  These swaybars are just part of a more comprehensive suspension system that includes endlinks and a drivetrain stabilizer bar.  Even on its own, this upgrade will vastly improve cornering and sharp maneuvering even in daily driving situations (on ramps, evasive lane change, canyon carving). 



  • B8 & B8.5 A4/S4
  • B8 & B8.5 A5/S5/RS5 

What makes our swaybars better? 

  • Great adjustability for your comfort or sport needs (full stiffness or 30% reduction)
  • Polyurethane bushings that replace the horrendous rubber pieces- this helps with flex absorption while also lasting much longer than rubber, which tends to lose flexibility
  • Perfect thickness for better handling without the harshness induced by road irregularities
  • A fully engineered system specific to particular Audi platforms- in other words, not a cookie cutter set of swaybars
  • Proudly manufactured in the USA

 *NOTE: The factory repair manual calls for the bolts securing your sway bar to be replaced. They do so because the stretch bolts are to be used only one time.  We provide these bolts as an option*


When EuroCode set out to develop the ÜSS system, we wanted to offer a product which would be superior to anything currently on the market. We took the H&R, Hotchkis, Stasis and Eibach bars, along with 3 of our prototypes to the track. After testing all those products (including our own) extensively, we finalized our bars and came up with a combination that basically leaves the competition in the dust. Being that our company owns a B8 S4 this made it real easy for us to spend all the time needed to fine tune these bars.

Most aftermarket companies rarely own the vehicle or spend the amount of time we did on these bars. They simply find a test car (random person), take measurement off their bars, or even purchase OEM bars, increase the tension by a static value and release the product. The B8 chassis, being unique, requires an upgraded front and rear sway bars, as where the previous B5/6/7 cars only needed an upgrade for the rear bar.  The bars along with a combination of specific tension contained within the EuroCode ÜSS bars allow the vehicle to feel more neutral and rotate with ease. This concept of specific tension took us over 18 months to figure out and release a system which proved itself at the 2012 Eurotuner GP. Our B8 S4 was able to hold its own against a 700+ wheel horsepower, purpose built race car, by 0.008 seconds and left the "super lap winning" supercharged E46 M3 & super charged E92 M3 (520WHP) to eat its dust.


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