BMW 5x120 Wheel & Hubcentric Wheel Spacers (72.56mm)

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Stance Perfected. Performance Improved.

Stance isn’t just a style, it’s a cornering fundamental. Nearly a century of motorsports has taught drivers and engineers alike that a wider stance is a faster stance. On the streets, enthusiasts have pushed the limits of wheel fitment, creating some of the lowest & widest grocery-getters imaginable. Behind the wheels, precision wheel spacers provide the extension needed to achieve the look and improve performance. Whether you’re fine tuning the perfect stance or trying to shave a 10th off the corners, our wheel spacers are ready for action.

These hubcentric and wheelcentric wheel spacers are machined to fit a broad range of BMWs. They feature a 5x120 bolt pattern and 72.56mm centerbore in eight thicknesses. Hubcentric fitment is built-in, combined with a wheelcentric extension to eliminate the possibility of wheel wobble. Weight reduction pockets are machined into each spacer to remove unecessary weight. Typical fitments cover nearly everything from the 90's E36 3-Series to the newest 2014 models. Additional fitments include Mini Countryman and Paceman.

If you've been searching for a high quality set of wheel spacers for your BMW you're in the right place. 42 Draft Designs wheel spacers are CNC machined with absolute precision to fit your exact vehicle. Safety is a standard feature, and we're here to help if and when needed.

  • Before Ordering Please Note

    • All wheel spacers are priced and sold in PAIRS.
    • Quantity 1 = 2 Spacers.
    • Extended lug bolts are required and available separately.
    • Wheel spacers cannot be returned after installation - even a test fit. NO exceptions.
    • 42 Draft Designs is not responsible for successful fitment.
    • Please read all technical information before purchasing!