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BBS RC Caps:

Our BBS RC caps are designed to work ONLY with Small thread BBS wheels. The best way to determine if these will fit your wheels is to measure your stock threaded section of the cap and see if it is ~56mm. We will update this with photos soon to clarify any confusion

Install Guide (Hints Tips)

BBS RS Caps:

Our BBS RS caps are made in two sizes, Small thread and Large Thread. The best way to determine if these will fit your wheels is to measure your stock threaded section of the cap and see if it is ~56mm or ~70mm. ~56mm = Small ~70mm = Large.

Our caps do NOT come with the BBS logo. They use the 70mm outer 56mm inner logos that are stock on MOST RS wheels.

These caps can be used with various other BBS wheels such as RSII and RC's. Please measure your stock caps to insure proper fitment before ordering.

Install Guide


MK4 Motor Mount Spacers:

These spacers are designed to work with ALL motor and transmission combinations except for R32. R32 can fit 5/8" spacers without issues. There may be need to notch one or both sides of your frame depending on how low you are. There is no magic combination of which size spacer you need for your application as there are many other variables involved.

 Install Guide


Mk3 Motor Mount Spacers:

We offer these in two variations. The VR6 spacers are the biggest thickness you can run without modification. In some cases you may have to notch for your axles. This kit will get your oil pan up above your subframe safely. These mounts are installed on the underside of your mount (please see photo on product page) to insure proper alignment. DO NOT install on top of the mount, this will cause issues!

The 2.0L kit is a thicker spacer and is designed to work with the 2.0L only. Although they can fit the VR6, there would be a lot of unnecessary modification that would have to take place.


Billet Wiper Deletes:

We designed these specifically for the Mk4 - Mk6 VW Hatchbacks such as Golf, GTI, R32 and Wagons, both Passat and Jetta. These will fit other various applications such as certain Subaru, Mini and Mazda applications. If you are unsure if this will fit your car please contact us prior to purchasing so we can help you out!

 Install Guide


Mk4 Door Lock Slides:

We made these specifically for the Mk4 VW platform. There is some modification to fit our blanks on the fronts only. The door pin rod must be removed or modified to fit these. The rear door pin rods are easily removed once the door panel has been removed.


Mk4 Half Caps:

Our half caps are designed to work with all strut mount bushings on the market. We do recommend checking the clearance between the strut tower and the cap, if the strut cap is too close it will cause damage. The oem rubber ring must also be reinstalled upon installation.

Install Guide