Pre-Order Policies


As of 1/1/2014 we will be running our pre-orders like a group buy. If we do not receive a certain number of orders for the item by a set date all orders for the product will be refunded. The number of orders needed, orders received start and end dates will all be posted on the products page. Everyone who pre-orders an item will be sent updates about progress. Parts WILL NOT be made until after the cut off date for the pre-order. Lead time from that date will be determined at that time and may varry depending on what other jobs are being run on our machines.

Special Pricing will be in effect for the FIRST set number of people who place their orders, once that number is reached price will go to normal pricing.

We run these pre-orders to offer you the lowest possible price on one of our products, after the order is placed there are no refunds. No exceptions, please read before placing an order for any pre-order parts.