Installation Guide: Mk4 Motor Mount Spacers

**We will be updating this with more detailed information / photos shortly**

This is just the basic install procedure! Wrench sizes and torque specs will be added!

Our Mk4 Motor Mount Spacers consist of the following items.

Drivers Side Motor Mount

Passenger Side Motor Mount

Dogbone Spacers (or the single dogbone spacer depending on the kit you purchased)

Motor Mount Ear Stand Off Spacers

Appropriate bolts for all above mounts.

  • Park car in a secure flat spot, chock rear wheel(s)
  • Jack up the front of the car and support the car however you are most comfortable (in terms of jack stand location)
  • After the car is comfortably in the air and cool enough to work on pop the hood
  • Start by removing the dogbone mount, completely remove and set aside for later
  • Remove the airbox assembly and set it aside
  • Support the engine by either a floor jack and a piece of wood or cherry picker. Steps below are for the wood and floor jack method
  • Start by loosening the 3 bolts for the motor mount on the passenger side, do not remove completely at this time
  • Loosen the 3 bolts on the drivers side motor mount
  • Move back to the passenger side and remove the bolts completely
  • Raise the engine far enough until the motor mount can slide under the motor mount
  • Install your new 2 main motor mount bolts and washer, do not tighten all the way
  • Lower the engine back down letting it rest on the mounts again
  • Remove the drivers side motor mount bolts
  • Raise the engine and pull up on plastic wiring "waterfall" until you are able to slide the motor mount spacer in. This step may require a bit of force to get to clear the plastic over the mount
  • Start installing your new 2 main motor mount bolts, do not tighten all the way
  • Lower engine back down to rest on the new spacers/mounts (Make sure it is fully supported before letting the jack out all the way)
  • Now is time to reinstall your dogbone mount, start by installing the back two bolts that go into the subframe
  • Install your dogbone spacers (or single spacer) these should slide in without having to rasie the engine, but you may need to shift it or slightly jack up the rear to get the bolts to line up.
  • Start the two larger bolts on the dogbone with lock washers but do not torque yet
  • Check the alignment of how your motor sits, try to eyeball it so it is even in the bay
  • Slide the small stand off spacers under the ears of the motor mounts and install the last bolts
  • Torque all the upper motor mount bolts to spec
  • Torque dogbone spacer bolts to spec
  • Reinstall airbox
  • Check downpipe heatshield (it may need bending)
  • Recheck everything to make sure you are not experiencing any clearance issues (axles specifically, this is where you will know if you need to notch or not
  • Lower the car back on the ground and enjoy not worrying about your pan!


As stated about this is a quick write up and we will update with photos and specs, we just wanted to give you the basic run down of how to go about the install.

We recommend rechecking all the bolts after 500 miles to make sure nothing has loosened up. You may use some blue loctite if you wish on all replaced bolts.