Installation Guide : BBS Flat Caps

This is a pretty straight forward install, but we will cover some extras that some people may over look

  • Remove Stock centercaps
  • Clean threads on inside bore of wheel to make sure it is clean of debris
  • Install new centercap emblems into flat caps by applying even pressure to the cap (we machine the center openings tight to account for worn down emblems)
  • Remove cir-clip from original centercap assembly
  • Remove waffle plate
  • Install waffle plate and cir-clip onto new flat cap
  • Do not use antiseize on the threads, this can cause the caps to come loose when driving
  • We highly recommend using our tool to tighten the caps, as it is the easiest way to apply enough torque to the centercap
  • Thread into wheel as tight as possible (we dont want these going anywhere!
  • Stand back and enjoy your new flat caps!