If you have not received your tracking info within a few days of ordering do not panic. As stated during checkout and other numerous places on the site we only ship 2 to 3 times a week. The days set for shipping is not always set in stone due to my constantly changing schedule, sometimes we ship on Saturdays other times it is a Monday. Please check your email (including spam folders) because we send out TWO shipment notifications, one thru our website and the other from USPS. Sometimes these will get sent to spam, so please double check. If you get a tracking number in your email but do not see movement one of two things is happening; 1.) your package was not picked up the same day that the label was created, 2.) We have printed your label ahead of time while waiting for a backordered bolt or finishing of a pre-order in order to get your parts out to you as quickly as possible. If you ordered a PRE-ORDER part, please read below.

As of 1/1/2014 we will be running our pre-orders like a group buy. If we do not receive a certain number of orders for the item by a set date all orders for the product will be refunded. The number of orders needed, orders received start and end dates will all be posted on the products page. Everyone who pre-orders an item will be sent updates about progress. Parts WILL NOT be made until after the cut off date for the pre-order. Lead time from that date will be determined at that time and may varry depending on what other jobs are being run on our machines.

Special Pricing will be in effect for the FIRST set number of people who place their orders, once that number is reached price will go to normal pricing.

We run these pre-orders to offer you the lowest possible price on one of our products, after the order is placed there are no refunds. No exceptions, please read before placing an order for any pre-order parts.

. If you do not get any status update emails BEFORE the end date for order cut off, DO NOT PANIC. As stated above we are and will not be starting to make these items until AFTER the end date listed. After that date you can expect to see update emails. We have changed our pre-order policy from previous years in hopes to avoid confusion. If it says PREORDER anywhere on the product page this section applies to you and we encourage you not to order unless you fully understand there WILL be a wait time associated with this item.
We will only give out the most basic of info for this because of NUMEROUS companies stealing our parts and designs (poorly at that).
Out of stock:
If the item you are interested in is out of stock, please send us an email. We run pre-orders 2 at a time, and have a rotation of when each part will get made next. If we do not have a set ETA or pre-order already open for the item you are interested in we will email you as soon as the pre-order is open. Some items we produce may be phased out if there is not enough demand, so do not hesitate to email or it may not be around much longer!
Custom parts:
Due to my availability and schedule we are no longer doing any custom orders.
Due to only running this company part time I can sometimes get behind on answering individual questions. This FAQ is in hopes to streamline any confusion on orders/ordering and be able to maintain focus on producing the finest billet parts on the market for your vehicles.